General Information

Railroads: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. (AT&SF), South-
ern Pacific Lines (SP), Denver and Rio Grande Western R.R.
(D&RGW). Santa Fe and Southern Pacific are transcontinental lines
with branches covering important points in State.

Airlines: Transcontinental and Western Airlines (New York to Los
Angeles), stops at Albuquerque; Varney Airlines (Pueblo, Colo, to
El Paso, Texas), stops at Raton, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.

Busses: The main interstate bus lines are: Greyhound Lines, New
Mexico Transportation Co., White Star Coaches, Page Way Stage
Lines, Lee-Way Stages, Cannon Ball Stage Line, Parrish Stage Lines,
Rio Grande Motor Way, Rio Grande Stages, Santa Fe Trailways,
T.-N.M. & O. Coaches, All-American Bus Lines. Local and freight
lines in addition.

Highways: Main traveled routes are patrolled by State Police. No
inspection at ports of entry except for commercial vehicles. Water and
gasoline scarce on some rural routes. Never attempt to cross "dry"
arroyos when water is running; watch out for livestock on unfenced
highways. Do not disturb flowers or trees or shrubs bordering high-
ways. Put out fires.

Motor Vehicle Laws: Passenger automobiles must be operated at such
speeds as shall be consistent at all times with safety and the proper use
of roads. Maximum speed for trucks and busses, 45 m. No licenses
required of non-residents for three months. Maximum speed in resi-
dence districts, 25 m; in business districts, 20 m.; in school zones, road
intersections, on blind curves, and blind grade crossings, on grades where
driver's view is obstructed, 15 m. Minimum age for drivers, 16. Driv-
ers are required to stop at scenes of accidents resulting in property dam-
age or personal injury, and to report same to State Police or local
authorities. Brakes and lights must be in good order. Rear lamps
must exhibit a yellow or red light capable of being seen for 500 feet,