permanent research station here, erected by the University of New Mex-
ico and the School of American Research, consists of a headquarters
building, a shop, bathhouse, and photographic laboratory, eleven dormi-
tories (modeled after Navaho hogans), dining hall and kitchen, and
storerooms. Two large hogans serve as a field museum laboratory and
as a seminar room. A water system has been completed and camping
quarters to accommodate classes of visiting students are planned. (No
camping is permitted on this property.)

Field sessions in Anthropology of the University of New Mexico are
conducted here each summer, and provisions are made for full-time work
throughout the year for special students.

Pueblo Bonito is the southern terminus of NM 56 and the northern
terminus of NM 164. NM 56, an unimproved dirt road, continues
through OTIS, 26 m., to a junction with US 84, 29 m. (see Tour 9).

Tour 6C

Gallup—Shiprock; 94.3 m., US 666.

Bituminous-paved two-lane road for 11 m.; remainder graveled.

During July and August high water makes arroyos dangerous to cross.

Do not attempt to ford if water is more than a few inches deep. Assistance
can be obtained at trading posts. Watch out for sheep crossing to pastures.

These flocks, usually tended by children, will be frightened and scatter if
motorists approach too closely or suddenly.

Limited accommodations.

Most of this route is through the Navaho Indian Reservation with
stretches of grass-grown desert and red soil and rocks eroded into forma-
tions of great beauty.

US 666 branches north from US 66 in GALLUP, 0 m. (see Tour
6b), passing the Santa Fe Railway shops. In the low-lying hills (R)
are outcroppings of coal in the sandstone and shale composing this area.

GAMERCO, 2.1 m. (6,750 alt., 1,221 pop.), is a large modern coal
camp, built by the Gallup American Coal Company since 1921. It
includes homes for mine officials and employees, an executive office build-
ing, and a company store.

Sub-bituminous coal is mined here through shafts 400 feet deep.
Underground are 30 miles of track, the longest haul being 2.5 miles.
The mines and the power house supply electricity to near-by towns, in-
cluding Gallup; are open for inspection by application to company head-