Tour 10

Cruces—Deming—Lordsburg—(Duncan, Arizona) ; US 70.
Clovis to Arizona Line, 445.8 m.

Two-lane bituminous-paved road except through Mescalero Apache Reserva-

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway roughly parallels route between Clovis
and Roswell; Southern Pacific Railroad between Tularosa and the Arizona

Accommodations in principal towns.

This route which connects modern Roswell with historic Las Cruces
crosses level plains extending west of Roswell, traverses Lincoln County,
scene of Billy the Kid's daring exploits in the Lincoln County War, and
winds between beautiful mountains in the Mescalero Apache reserva-
tion. It cuts through the White Sands National Monument and west
of the Rio Grande gains altitude, crossing the Victoria and Pyramid
Mountains near the Arizona Line.

Section a. CLOVIS to ALAMOGORDO, 228.8 m.

In the eastern part of the State US 70 runs through plains made
productive by irrigation and crosses the Mescalero Ridge and the Pecos
Valley, in pioneer days a famous cattle run and a region where Billy
the Kid operated.

US 70 branches south from US 60 (see Tour 8a) in CLOVIS,
0 m. (4,218 alt., 9,931 pop.), which was named by the daughter of .a
Santa Fe Railway official for the first Christian King of France. The
town began in 1907 as Riley's Switch, a siding on the Santa Fe, but
grew rapidly after the railroad brought its shops and warehouses here
from Melrose (see Tour 8a). It is now a four-way division point of
the Santa Fe, a junction of US 60 and 70, two important east-west
highways, and NM 18, a north-south artery which taps the rich oil
centers of southeastern New Mexico. Clovis is also a jobbing center
with many warehouses, a storage point with four large elevators for
wheat and other grain grown in this area, and a feeding point for live-
stock being shipped east. Cattle from the western grazing lands are
often sent on a "stop in transit" billing that permits a stop-over at the
Clovis feeding pens for fattening. Several Federal and State agencies
for agriculturists and ranchers maintain offices here.

Adjoining the southern city limits is HILLCREST, a 140-acre
municipal park with an 18-hole golf course, a $20,000 swimming pool,