ing. La Cueva produces livestock, vegetables, flour, and fruits, par-
ticularly apples and apricots.

The highway passes DON TOMAS, 57 m. (7,000 alt.), and
SAPELLO, 61.9 m. (6,900 alt., 169 pop.), at the junction of the
Manuelitos and Sapello creeks. Don Tomas consists of a post office,
two stores, and several frame buildings that serve the wheat and alfalfa
farmers in the surrounding area and the hunters who come during deer
and turkey season. Southwest of Sapello the highway leaves Sapello
Creek and continues across the plain, gradually losing altitude. Along
here is a fine view (L) of the TURKEY MOUNTAINS, a low range
running north to south.

At 74.4 771. is the junction with US 85 at East Las Vegas (see Tour 1a).

Tour 12

(Brownheld, Texas) —Tatum—Roswell—Hondo—Carrizozo—San
Antonio. US 380.
Texas Line to San Antonio, 246 m.

Two-lane, bituminous-paved roadbed, except between Adobe and San Antonio.
Hotels in Roswell, Carrizozo; tourist camps, gas stations at short intervals.

Near the Texas Line US 85 crosses flat plains country, where stock
grazing and agriculture are the principal industries. West of Roswell
it runs through mountainous country and the scene of the Lincoln
County War.

Section a. TEXAS LINE to HONDO, 139 m.

US 380 crosses the TEXAS LINE, 0 m., at a point 33 miles west
of Brownfield, Texas, crossing the lower end of the Staked Plains (see
6a) and climbing almost imperceptibly to the caprock formation,
whence it descends to a lower sandy plain of grasses and low bushes.
This is primarily a cattle and sheep grazing plain, but oil wells are
encroaching, and this area will probably be exploited for oil as vigor-
ously as the region to the south.

At 14 m. is the Registration Station where out-of-state trucks
pay a mileage tax and licenses are sold to out-of-state cars not properly

TATUM, 15.3 m. (3,950 alt., 598 pop.), was founded in 1909 by
James G. Tatum, who started a small general store. With funds real-