Some Books about New Mexico

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Applegate, Frank G. Indian Stories from the Pueblos. Philadelphia, 1929.
-Native Tales of New Mexico. Philadelphia, 1932.
Armer, Laura Adams. Waterless Mountain. New York, 1931.
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Bailey, Vernon. Life Zones and Crop Zones of New Mexico. Washing-
ton, D. C, 1913.
-Mammals of New Mexico. Washington, D. C, 1931.
Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1530-
San Francisco, 1889.
Bandelier, Adolph F. A. Final Report of Investigations Among the Indians
of the Southwestern United States.
2 vols. Cambridge, 1890—92.
-Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition. Cambridge, 1890.
-and Hewett, Edgar L. Indians of the Rio Grande. Albuquerque, 1937.
- The Journey of Àlvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and His Companions
from Florida to the Pacific, 1528-1536. New York, 1905.
-The Delight-Makers. New York, 1918.
Barker, Ruth Laughlin. Caballeros. New York, 1931.
Benavides, Alonso de. The Memorial of Fray Alonso de Benavides, 1630.
Chicago, 1916.
Blake, Forrester. Riding the Mustang Trail. New York, 1935.
Bloom, Lansing B. and Donnelly, C. New Mexico History and Civics.
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Bolton, Herbert Eugene, ed. Spanish Explorations in the Southwest. New
York, 1925.
Branch, E. Douglas. The Hunting of the Buffalo. New York, 1929.
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Buttree, Julia M. The Rhythm of the Red Man, in Song, Dance and
Decoration. New York, 1930.
Bynner, Witter. Indian Earth. New York, 1929.
Carson, Christopher. Kit Carson's own story as dictated to Col. and Mrs.
D. C. Peters About 1856-57.
Santa Fe, 1926.
Cather, Willa. Death Comes for the Archbishop. New York, 1936.
Chapman, Kenneth M., comp. Decorative Art of the Indians of the South-
Santa Fe, 1934.
-, ed, and annot. Pueblo Indian Pottery. Nice, C. Szwedzcki, vol.
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Church, Margaret Pond. Familiar Journey. Santa Fe, 1936.